Justin Leiter has over two decades of experience in graphic design and illustration, beginning his career in the apparel industry in the early 1990's. He has created thousands of graphics and illustrations for apparel, stickers, toys, comic books, Halloween costumes, style guides, animation and all sorts of consumer products. He has produced original art in multiple styles for top licenses and brands such as Joe Boxer, Target, Garanimals, Marvel Comics, Speed Racer, Party City and many more.

Equally adept with a pencil or Wacom stylus, he has been working with traditional materials since almost before he could speak and with digital interfaces since the early days of video game arcades.

In addition to his commercial work, he has produced two self-published sketchbooks, showcasing his varied art styles, with an emphasis on monsters, robots and aliens. 

He is also a frequent guest at New York and New Jersey comic conventions, sketching and meeting fans.

In his spare time he searches for vintage Japanese toys and American comic books to add to his ever expanding collection.